Our Core Values

These are the values that guide our company, and the Digitalent brand.
These six values will forever remain at the heart of everything we do.

Communicate openly.

Openness and transparency are the fundamentals of effective communication. By default, we share information openly to achieve a better perspective for everyone involved. Whether it’s internally, with clients, or with candidates, we prefer to maximise results by continuously engaging in open-minded and objective dialogue.

Collaboration over competition.

Fostering an environment where collaboration is encouraged and expected is what drives better results for our clients and candidates. Unlike most recruitment agencies, we never compete with each other internally. This leads to a collaborative culture that builds genuine and highly productive working relationships.

Play as a team.

True satisfaction comes from getting the job done. A strong team effort always makes for a better celebration. We each lead by example which in turn develops teamwork. We are seriously professional without taking ourselves too seriously. We strive to put the needs of the collective team first above anything else. We will travel further if we do it together. 

Recruit from anywhere.

Flexibility and trust underpin everything about the way we work. Family means everything in the world to us. We are big advocates of flexible and remote working, which means we are a completely distributed company. This gives us the freedom to do great work from an environment we are comfortable in. We are all unique.

Focus on the customer.

Happy customers are the foundation of every thriving business. At Digitalent, ‘the customer’ means both our clients and our candidates. We put both the collective and the individual needs of the customer at the heart of everything we do as a team. All the other good stuff in our company flows from here.

Do the right thing.

Doing the right thing is always the right thing. We believe this approach will pay dividends – especially in the long-run. Having the integrity to do what’s right, even when no-one is watching is what we are all about.  We will always choose a hard right over an easy wrong. Honesty builds character and character builds trust.

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